1988 Unproduced Dolls
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In the 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog, Hasbro introduced Moondust™, Nightingale™, Stariste™, and Glity Gleamer™ to the Moondreamers. Whimzee™, Sparky Dreamer™, and Crystal Starr where going to be reissued for 1988. Bucky Bockaroo™ and Dream Gazer™ where not included, which should mean Hasbro was not reissuing those two MoonDreamers.

But at the same time, Hasbro was going to bring out a new collection of SunSparklers™. (above) While the Moondreamers had glow in the dark effects, the Sun Sparklers would have had color change effects in sunlight. Sundazzle™, Fundreamer™, Daystar, and Cloudpuff make up the Sun Sparklers.

The StarFinders™ where also reissued in 1988. Stardust™ and Hornsby™ along with Frolic™ and Fluffin™ where to be introduced to the StarFinders line.

And like the Moondreamers, a new set of day time figures where going to be introduced. StarFinders™ would have included Dawn™ and Bunnyhop, also Dusky™ and Sunspot™ (Sunscout™)*. Like the SunSparklers the SunFinders would have had color change effects.

* = name on picture is Sunspot, name in text is Sunscout


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